How to Save Money as a Student

Money. We just never seem to have enough as students.

I still remember my college days like it was yesterday. Waking up early, juggling several projects, and most importantly - trying to make my allowance last for the rest of the week!

Now, of course, this will all depend on how much allowance each student gets on a daily basis, but it wouldn’t hurt to track down the culprits of overspending and find ways to be more efficient with the money in your wallets.

1. Food

I’d like to think that food is the number one culprit. Aside from lunch, there are always little snacks on the side. If there’s anything that any student can relate to, it’s stress eating! It doesn’t help that most schools in the Metro are surrounded by popular food chains.

How You Can Spend Less:

The number one thing to turn to when you want to avoid spending for food is bringing baon.

This is something you can prepare on your own the night before just by putting aside leftovers from what you had for dinner. However, if you have extra time, you can resort to preparing a fresh meal in the morning instead.

P.S. A lot of moms love preparing lunch meals for their kids! Your mom might be able to help you work on a meal plan for the entire week.

Now if nobody at home has time to prepare food, you can still find ways to save money by working around your schedule. If you don’t have the usual 8am - 5pm schedule, you can save money by eating at home. If your class ends before 6, there’s no need to spend extra for dinner. Same goes for if your class starts after lunch.

2. School Materials and Requirements

The second culprit would be unexpected school requirements. On top of the materials you bought for the rest of the semester, specific classes always end up suddenly requiring something new for you to buy like books or a project that requires you to spend money.

How You Can Spend Less:

Be thrifty! Before spending for anything you need for school, double check if you have anything lying around at home that you can use.

Need a new notebook? A new folder? Check some of your shelves at home or ask your siblings and parents if they have any spare notepads or even sheets of paper that you can use for note taking. You can even make a cute journal using some art scraps that you can find at home.

3. Transportation

The third culprit would be transportation. Whether you live near your school or far - the cost of transportation is a pain in the wallet, we all know that. What are the ways students can get to school? You can bring your own car or have a driver take you; there’s the option of taking the school bus, or you can do what most students do - commute.

How You Can Spend Less:

Walking. Some students are lucky enough to live near where they study, so why not opt to walk to school instead? Not only do you get to save money, but you can also get enough exercise for the day!

Carpool. If you’re a college student who drives to school, you can definitely save a lot of money if you carpool. Gather all of your friends who take their own car to school and work on a schedule for the whole week. If you have a lot of friends who’d agree to carpool, might end up just having to take your car with you once or twice a week. That’s a lot of gas money saved!

If you have no other choice but to commute, there’s always the option of going for the cheaper way. Do you really have to take that bus? Or will a cheaper jeep fare take you to school in the same amount of time?

It helps to make a list of all of your options to see which would cost you less but still take you to school right in time for your class.


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